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Code of Conduct Investigation

Council received a formal Code of Conduct Complaint on July 5, 2022. Council engaged a third-party firm, Veritas Solutions, to investigate the complaint, in accordance with the Formal Complaint process outlined in section 14 of the Code of Conduct Bylaw.

Council reviewed the Investigation Report at its August 22 and August 31 meetings.

On Sept. 6, Council made the following motion:

Resolution 2022-346

Council has reviewed the investigation report of Veritas in relation to complaints made in relation to the conduct of Mayor Baich.

Council has provided the opportunity to Mayor Baich to respond in writing and orally to those complaints.

After advising the Mayor of its conclusion in relation to the above, Council considered sanctions and provided the opportunity for the Mayor to provide written and oral submissions.

Having considered those submissions council finds that

1. Mayor Baich breached the Town of Rocky Mountain House Council Code of Conduct when posted a video filmed at Henry’s Western Wear on June 17, 2022. This was a breach of Bylaw No. 2018/13V Section 11.1:

“No Member shall use the influence of the Member’s office for any purpose other than for the exercise of the Member’s official duties.”

Council finds that

2. Mayor Baich's attendance at the Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP) AGM and breakfast was a breach of Bylaw No 2018/13V Section 4.1.b and 5.1:

“4.1 Members shall: (a) act honestly and, in good faith, serve the welfare and interests of the Municipality as a whole: (b) perform their functions and duties in a conscientious and diligent manner with integrity, accountability and transparency; (d) arrange their private affairs and conduct themselves in a manner that promotes public confidence and will bear scrutiny."

“5.1 A Member must not claim to speak on behalf of Council unless authorized to do so.”

Council shall issue a letter of reprimand to Mayor Baich;

1. The letter of reprimand be published on the Town’s web page for a period of 4 weeks from September 9, 2022 and then removed;

2. Mayor Baich will take the following Courses:

  1. A time management course to be completed no later than the end of the year.
  2. The Mayor attend the orientation session to be provided to the newly elected Councillor when it is provided to that councillor.

3. That the Mayor be suspended from the ICC Committee and the Police Committee until October 18, 2022 or the date of the next organizational meeting.

4. That the executive summary of the investigation report regarding the above two allegations be posted on the Town’s webpage for the same period as the letter of reprimand is published.

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This page was updated on September 14, 2022