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Composting in Town

The end result of composting makes an excellent soil conditioner for the garden or a "top dressing" for the lawn. Compost improves the garden's productivity by breaking up heavy soils, increasing soil organic matter, adding a source of nutrient and helping the soil retain water. The environmental benefits of composting go far beyond the garden. Composting can have a big impact on a family's waste output.

Each year a family of four in Alberta produces more than one-half tonne of organic waste. This waste is traditionally sent to landfill, but it can be composted! In addition to waste reduction, composting reduces the cost for waste disposal, protects air quality by minimizing pollutants emitted during waste disposal (reduced vehicle trips equates to reduced vehicle tailpipe emissions), reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides around your home, keeps valuable nutrients necessary for plant growth from being lost to landfills, and protects water quality within the watershed.

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