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Development Permits

The following development permits have been issued by the Town of Rocky Mountain House Planning and Community Development Department:

Development Permit #
Description of work
Civic AddressLegal AddressPermit Details
(click to view PDF of development permit)
Change in Use - Sales & Service Outlet for Automobiles, Trucks, Recreational Vehicles (1250 sq. ft.) (Discretionary Use)4919 - 43 Street
(Bay #12)
Lot 3C / Block 62 / Plan 762-0774Development Permit 20/06 (Click Here)
Permitted Use - Main Building & Accessory Building4512 - 42 AvenueLot 3 / Plan 882-1506Development Permit 20/07 (Click Here)
20/08Permitted Use - Accessory Use - Splash Park (3736 sq. ft.) and Accessory Building - Mechanical/Electrical Room (524 sq. ft.)58th StreetLot 1 / Block 1 / Plan 042-4622Development Permit 20/08 (Click Here)
20/09Permitted Use - 

Detached Dwelling (2851 sq. ft.); Covered Deck with steps (94 sq. ft.); Verandah with steps (168 sq. ft); Cantilever; Driveway (699 sq. ft.) Accessory Building - Detached (624 sq.ft.)

6308 47 AvenueLot 13/Block 4/Plan 162-0330Development Permit 20/09 (Click Here)
20/10Permitted Use - Accessory Uses - Patio (196.73 st. ft. and Front Step (8 sq. ft.)5805 68 Ave CloseLot 38 / Block 2 / Plan 072-3036Development Permit 20/10 (Click Here)
20/11Discretionary Use - Temporary Development Permit from March 27, 2020 to August 31, 2020 - for Temporary Buildings (Sleeper Shacks x 8 - 12' x 60' each) & (Kitchen Units x 5 - 12' x 60' each)
Development Permit 20/11 (Click Here)

Any person claiming to be affected by a discretionary use decision of the Development Authority may appeal to the Regional Subdivision Development Appeal Board (SDAB) by serving written notice of appeal, along with the applicable fee of $150, within 21-calendar days after the date on which the written decision is given. A notice of appeal should be filed with the Regional SDAB - PCPS at Unit B, 4730 Ross Street, Red Deer, Alberta T4N 1X2.

A permitted use decision may not be appealed unless it involves a variation or misinterpretation of the Town's Land Use Bylaw. 

If you have any questions on the above information, please contact Planning and Community Development Department at 403-847-5260.