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Road and Sidewalk Snowclearing Responsibilities

Hello, Winter Weather!

Wondering about snowclearing and road maintenance? Here are some quick links: 

The Roadway Winter Maintenance policy outlines how the Town of Rocky Mountain House tends to roads and trails during and after a snowfall. 

The map of snowclearing zones shows the order of priority for our crews and equipment. 

Traffic Bylaw (Section 19) outlines your responsibility to clear your sidewalk within 48 hours of a snowfall. This excerpt is provided below:


19 (1) No person shall park, or leave parked, a vehicle on a block of the Town where signs have been posted indicating “No Parking – Street Cleaning / Snow Removal ”, during the times prescribed on the sign, after the expiration of 12 hours from the time the signs have been placed until such sign is removed.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Bylaw, during snow removal or street cleaning operations carried on by the Town or their contractors, the Town may have vehicles towed or removed from the street being cleaned or cleared and parked on an adjacent street without impounding the same. 

(3) All persons owning or occupying premises in the Town, shall clear away and remove all snow, ice, slush, dirt or other obstructions from the sidewalk situated on land adjoining the property owned or occupied by them within 48 hours of the time that such snow, ice, slush and dirt or other obstructions were deposited. 

(4) The Town may after the expiration of the 48 hour time limit in Section 19(3), or if it be deemed necessary at any time, remove and clear away all snow, ice, slush, dirt or other obstructions required to be removed by Section 19(3) and charge the expenses to the owner or occupant of the property. 

(5) Only snow, ice, slush, dirt or other obstructions that have accumulated naturally on a sidewalk referred to in Section 19(4) may be deposited on a street.