Water & Wastewater treatment

Water Treatment Plant 

Located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, the town operates a Class III surface water treatment plant. Having recently undergone a major upgrade, the treatment processes with the plant are as follows:            

  • Chlorination     
  • Coagulant Injection / Flash Mixing                    
  • PALL Pressure Membrane Micro-filtration 
  • Up-flow Solids Contact Clarification        
  • UV Irradiance 

The current capacity of the plant is 8,000m3 / day. Water distribution is accomplished from the plant clear-well and reservoir with a total storage capacity of 6,000m3.

Wastewater Treatment Facility 

The town currently operates a Class I aerated lagoon located just east of Highway 11 southeast of 71 Avenue.  A Septage Receiving Station is also located at the lagoon site to allow bulk sewage to be discharged at this facility. Haulers must enter into a Sewage Dumping Agreement with the Town prior to utilizing the facility.

In 2023, the Town broke ground on a Class III Sequencing Batch Reactor Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility. Read more about this project.

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